Seiko lcd collector


In 1973 Seiko-Epson introduced the 06LC watch, the first LCD watch to reach the market. The 06LC digital watch was received even more favorably by the market than had been expected. And despite initial concerns about the display´s reliability, not one watch was returned due to a faulty display panel. Since then, LCD watches became a great success. After a few years prices became lower and lots of different functions were developed transforming them into a 80s icon.

The purpose of my collection is to preserve all these watches that impressed me when I was a child. Watch collectors tend to consider quartz and LCD watches as cheap and under valuable, but I find them a technical miracle and wonderful machines.

Why SEIKO? I Started to collect all sorts of LCD watches, but after repairing many and observing the functions they provide, I found that Seiko is the best LCD brand of all. The craftsmanship is excellent, great finishes and very good engineering. Modules are very reliable and when you find a new old stock Seiko you have 90% working modules, as other brands are most likely dead.

The collection is focussed on Modules (movements), I am attempting to obtain the full range of LCD modules that Seiko manufactured approx 125. Every module has different functions and is classified by series.

I hope you enjoy the collection and please contact me if you are a collector as well.


LCD Excellence

If you need to repair any LCD Seiko , ask for parts or info on any module please contact me.